"My goals keep me motivated!
I am proud to be in Superior 14 Team!"
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Name: Timi Varga

When did you start training? What was your aim in the beginning?

I was 8 when I started training rhythmic gymnastics. After ten years of hard trainings and competitions I wanted to try something different, so I started going to a gym. At first it was just a hobby, in the beginning I preferred only the cardio workouts, but after a while I was getting more interested in exercises with weights. I read a lot about training methods and diets and finished my studies as a personal trainer. Since 2011 I prepare with a more strict diet and training plan for competitions in bikini fitness model category.

How did you get the idea to put yourself to the trial?

When I started the personal trainer course, one of my teachers said that I have good faculties and encouraged me to try myself at a competition. My personal trainer of that time was on the same opinion, so I thought it over. When I saw the first competition it was clear, this is what I want to do. I saw Tünde Palatinus about the trainings and preparation.

What motivates you to train hard and achieve your results?

I don’t need any special motivation, I simply love training, without it I won’t be able to carry for long. But diet makes a difference: to attain the perfect body and performance and show all these to the audience is what motivates me.

Aims and plans for the near future:

Preparing for the next competition and to give my best.


First competition: 2011 autumn, Fitbalance (2. place)
Height: 166 cm
Off-season weight: 60 kg
Competition weight: 55 kg
Favourite exercise: Dumbbell step ups
Favourite or important muscle groups: Bottom, abdomen
Favourite nourishing supplements: Aminos. I increase my daily portion during on-season. (BCAA Micron, 100% Glutamine)
Gym: Life1 Wellness and Fitness 2000
Profession: Fitness and bodybuilding trainer, personal trainer
Trainer: Sándor Balogh
Idols: My favourite bikini competitors are: Justine Munro and Amanda Latona


2013: Arnold Classic, Ohio USA 2013 – 2. place, we were 48 in my category
2013: Arnold Classic Europe 2013 – 1. place

Training :

Monday: Thigh (Quadricep – Hamstring) - Glute
Split squat with dumbbells 4×10
Barbell deadlift 4×10
Leg press 4×10
Standing leg curl 4×10
Dumbbell step ups 4×10

Tuesday: Backs (Trap, Lad, Middle-back, Lower-back) - Bicep
Front lat pulldown 4×12
Bent-over rows 4×12
Seated cable rows 4×12
Cable incline pushdown 4×12
Barbell curl 4×12
Concentration curls 4×12

Wednesday: Glute – Abdominal - Calf
Lying leg curls 4×10
Barbell glute bridge 4×10
One-legged cable kickback 4×10
Thigh abductor 4×10
Cable crunch 4×15
Hanging leg raise 4×15
Standing calf raises 4×15
Seated calf raises 4×15

Thursday Shoulder - Tricep
Seated dumbbell press 4×12
Seated side lateral raise 4×12
Upright barbell row 4×12
Back flyes 4×12
Tricep dumbbell kickback 4×12
Triceps pushdown – Rope attachment 4×12

Friday: Thigh (Quadricep – Hamstring) - Glute
Stiff-legged barbell deadlift 4×10
Dumbbell step ups 4×10
Wide Hack squat 4×10
Standing leg curl 4×10
Split squat with dumbbells 4×15
FekLying leg curls 4×10

Season specified: Off-season: 2-3 times / 30 minutes, On-season: 6 times / 1 hour Cardio: It depends on the season: normally (in off-season) 30 minutes (2-3 times) in the on-season 1 hour (6 times). I time the first cardio of the day before the first meal, this is an intevall cardio in general. In the afternoon i have two workouts with weights and sometimes I insert one more cardio after gym workout. This is my daily training plan for six days. My favourite cardio exercises are on the stair stepper but I like jogging and intervall trainings as well. I try to give variety to them.

Diet and training plan:

Morning supplements: 100% Glutamine, BCAA Micron, 1 RASP, 1 MJS Vitamine

During workout: 5 g BCAA, 5 g 100% Glutamine

After workout:30 g protein mixed with water

1. meal
50 g oatmeal, 15 g protein

2. meal
150 g chicken breast or Nile tilapia with vegetables

3. meal
130 g tuna with vegetables

1 hour workout with weights + 1 hour cardio fitness

4. meal
150 g chicken breast or Nile tilapia with vegetables

5. meal
5 egg-white with vegetables or 100 g chicken breast with 100 g egg-white and vegetables, 10 g flax oil, 5 g BCAA, 5 g Glutamine, Vitamin C

In off-season I keep almost the same diet as during on-season, but when I go home to my family a little chocolate or sweets are okay. The main difference between the two seasons’ diets is the amount of food: when preparing for a competition I can’t eat chicken breast or vegetables without stint. I have to measure each portion in gramms.

In off-season:

1. meal
50-100 g oatmeal + 30 g protein powder mixed with water (Depending on the carb intake you can have this morning dish two times a day. In addition one portion protein shake after workout is also recommended.)

2. meal
150 g chicken breast with steamed vegetables (except peas, bean, corn)

3. meal
130 g tuna with vegetables

4. meal
150 g chicken breast with vegetables

5. meal
30 g micellar casein supplement mixed with water

Take care of your daily fluid intake! Beside water I am drinking my special „life-saver drink”. It’s a mixture of BCAA and Glutamine, you can prepare it in advance in a bigger amount for the whole day. All you need is one big portion of BCAA and Glutamine powder and water. Put all these ingredients in a bottle and shake them well.

In on-season:

The diet is based on a high protein intake and minimized carbonhydrate intake and only essential fats (like fish-oil) are allowed. Lean meat, like grilled or braised chicken breast is a great source of protein and whey protein shakes without added carbs are highly suggested supplementations. Although we eat just a little amount of carbonhydrates, I advise to vary the daily percent of carbs as follows: 0g – 50g – 100g. Rice puffs and oatmeal contain quality carbonhydrates. But don’t forget about your cardio workouts, the daily water intake and BCAA and Glutamine supplementation.

2-3 days before competition:

Strict low sodium diet. Oatmeal with cinnamon, mixed with water, tilapia without seasoning and vegetables are on the menu of a professional fitness competitor right before the final day. The amount of mineral water is reduced to the minimum.

The day of the competition:

The most important is the carb loading to get the ideal tight, hard and defined muscles. Dried fruits, rice puffs and jam could be an easy and fast way of carb loading. Drinking fluids is not allowed right before going on stage.

Varga Timi