"Because every fight requires sacrifice,
and we can sacrifice only for a goal that will prove to be worth it."
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Name: Tünde Fekete
Started training in: 2011
First competition: June 2013
Height: 170 cm
Off-season weight: 52 kg


2013 : Fitness World Cup Budapest/Hungary 4th place
Next Competitions in 2013:
September - IFBB World Women’s Championship in Kiev/Ukraine
October - Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid/Spain,
October - EVLS Miss Olympia Bikini in Prague/Czech Republik
2014 :
April - IFBB Austria Mesisterschaft 2nd place
May - Scitec Oszt Feszt. Cup 1st place
June - Bio Tech USA Fitbalance 1st place
November - Hungarian Champsionship 1st place
Fitbalance Fitness Modell Newcomer of the Year
2015 :
Next Competitions in 2014:
Arnold Classic
World Cup and World Championship


I workout under supervision of my personal trainer. We have developed a training plan that most suits my needs, with special focus on hips and buttocks training.


For a healthy lifestyle is essential to keep a balanced diet, so I am carefully selecting what I eat. My favourites are fish and broccoli, supplemented by BCAA, 100 Glutamin, Rasp and vitamins

Tünde Fekete