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Name: Stavroulakis Pantelis

My first contact with the world of Bodybuilding and resistance training at the age of 14 when I was a soccer player working to increase muscle strength and endurance.
Then I saw that my body reacts very well in this kind of training so,I began to see how can I do more professional workout. A little bit later I realised also that diet has an important role for my body shape and my health. At the age of 18 years I participated in my first competition, and when I become 21 years, then I realized that bodybuilding is a difficult and demanding sport, but this Is the reason and the motivation what made me love it.


Name: Stavroulakis Pantelis
Started training in: 2003
First Competition: 2012 Int. German Championship, 6th place
Height: 1,66cm
Off-season weight: 110 kg
Contest weight: 90 kg
Chest: 125 cm
Arms: 52 cm
Waist: 78cm
Thighs: 76cm
Calves: 46cm
Bench press: 210 kg 3 reps
Dead lifts: : 280 kg 3 reps
Squat: 260 kg 3 reps


2008: NAC 1st place Mr Hellas junior
2009: NAC 1st place Mr Creta junior & 1st overall
WABBA 2nd Mr Hellas junior
3rd place European Brussels junior
2012: 1st Mr. creta bodybuilding short & 1st overall
NAC 1st Mr. Hellas bodybuilding short
WABBA 2nd Mr Hellas bodybuilding short
2013: 1st Mr Creta short bodybuilding & 1st overall
WABBA 1st Mr Hellas short bodybuilding
WABBA World European championship Hungary 4th place
2014: 1st Mr Creta short bodybuilding & 1st overall winner
WABBA Mr Hellas 1st place short bodybuilding
WABBA 3rd place world European Championship short bodybuilding


Monday: Chest-abdominal muscles –calf muscles

Tuesday: Back workout

Wednesday: Relaxation

Thursday Legs (quads only) –calf muscle - buttocks workout

Friday: Shoulders-abdominal muscles

Saturday: Hands

Sunday: Back legs workout – calf muscle-abdominal muscles


10 egg whites 2 yolks 300 g rice

250 g chicken breast 300 g rice and broccoli, 1 tbsp olive oil

300 g beef 250 g rice

250 g chicken breast 250 g rice

250 g chicken breast 250 gr rice

300 g salmon and broccoli


Before breakfast: 1 scoup iso pro zero + 1 performance micron creblast + 2 caps mjs vitamin

Before training: 1 scoup no rebirth + bcaa micron

During training : bcaa micron

After training: glutamax warrior +5 wmb ammino 6330 + 1 scoup iso pro zero

Stavroulakis Pantelis