"My goals keep me motivated!
I am proud to be in Superior 14 Team!"
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Name: Péter Molnár

When did you start training? What was your aim in the beginning?

In 1999, when I was 17. I was 55 kg and I was not much satisfied with my building. Training systematically, according to a training plan seamed to me a good solution. My first competition was not a great success but the experiances were very useful and got me thinking, what to correct and how I could improve myself.

First competition

For my first Superbody competition I worked on losing weight (from 65 kg to 62 kg) I met Ferenc Pintér after a competition and I asked him if he could be of some help and give me some useful advices. He saw possibilities in me and we started to work together.

What motivates you to train hard and achieve your results?

This is a multiple thing. Today I can say that I have such a stong will, that nothing could stop me. I got backing from my family, my girlfriend and friends and the best professional support from my trainer. I am keen on training! I believe that if you have your goals you want to reach, you should do your best, it’s only up to you every time.

Aims and plans for the near future:

As a competitor I can’t envision myself with bigger weight, probably the proportion of my body would change and I could not succeed in a category where weight plays the main role. But I am lucky because I don’t have to struggle to maintain the gained muscle mass. As a bodybuilder a bodyweight of 90-100 kg is ideal for me. My plan is to improve my shape.

I have clear aims every time: now I would like to take part in two well-known championships and one of my main plans is to make a professional career in the IFBB.

I didn’t reflect on how long I could be in top form and compete on the international stage. In my opinion it lasts as long as I am able to carry; it will only depend on my body not on my soul.


Height: 174 cm
Off-season weight: 106 kg
Competition weight: 92 kg
Favourite exercise: Arms
Favourite or important muscle groups: Arms, shoulders
Favourite nourishing supplements: Aminos, mainly glutamine (BCAA Micron, 100% Glutamine, GlutamaX Warrior)
Favourite dish: Steak, made by my girlfriend.
Favourite drink: Mango juice.
Gym: Fitness 2000
Profession: Personal trainer, competitor
Trainer: Ferenc Pintér
Idols: Flex Wheeler and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Training philosophy: The gutless dies each day, but the brave just once.


2013: Top de Colmar 1. place
2013 WBPF European Championship (Romania) absolute European title holder
2012 WBPF Hungarian Championship 1. place
2012 Frey Classic 1. place
2012 Top de Colmar 1. place
2011 WABBA VB pro section 1. place
2011 WBPF Pro AM (Singapore) pro absolute world champion
2011 Louie Koncz Classic International absolute champion
2011 Brutal Challenge IFBB Champion of a Year absolute champion
2011 N.A.C. Swiss Open , 179 cm category 1. place
2010 N.A.C. Amateur world champion
2009 WABBA Amateur absolute world champion
2007, 2009 Superbody absolute champion


How could you outline your training method?

During my career I made some changes in my workouts, because former competition showed me where I could improve myself. I tried new systems and framed them into my own training method, according to my personal strength and stamina. I also take care of the optimal recovering, but I carry through the series steadily. At professional level the weekly training plan contains a lot more exercises and series, than at a beginner or amateur level. So, it’s very difficult to serve with a „general” training plan. Moreover, on- and off-seasons have significant differences as well. Lot of people, especially beginners call upon me for some good and useful advice, I try to help them to the best of my knowledge, keeping their demands, aims and ability to the fore.

Timetable: I have to be very flexible, because as a personal trainer I have to care about the timetable and daily routine of my students. Usually: I wake up at about 8-8.30. I help my girlfriend preparing the food for the day and after that I go to work. At the gym after warming up we begin with the workout. Generally I have students or guests in every hour, so it’s not so easy to find time for having the prepared meals and if I could I also do some shorter sets. I get home very late in the evening, this could be extremely tiring in dieting periods.

Monday: Shoulder (Perhaps forearms)

Tuesday: Tricep

Wednesday: Back (Perhaps arms)

Thursday Arms: Tricep-Bicep sets

Friday: Hamstring, tricep

Saturday: Chest

Vasárnap: Off

Diet and training plan:

Braised turkey breast, steak, broccoli, spinach, cucumber, garlic, parsley, rice, five times a day.

1. meal: 8.00
400 g braised turkey, 100 g broccoli, 50 g spinach, 50 g cucumber, garlic, parsley, 100 g boiled rice

2. meal: 11.00
20 g L-Glutamine, 20 g BCAA, Vitamine C

3. meal: 12.00
400 g boiled turkey breast, 100 g broccoli, 50 g spinach, 50 g cucumber, garlic, parsley, 100 g boiled rice

4. meal: 15.00
400 g boiled turkey breast, 100 g broccoli, 50 g spinach, 50 g cucumber, garlic, parsley, 100 g boiled rice

5. meal: 18.00
400 g boiled turkey breast, 100 g broccoli, 50 g spinach, 50 g cucumber, garlic, parsley, 100 g boiled rice
20 g L-Glutamine, 20 g BCAA, Vitamine C
Superior Whey Core shake, 20 g 100% Glutamine, 20 g BCAA Micron, M.J.S. Vitamin
In addition:
Vitamine D, Ginseng, Omega-3
Fluid intake:
5-6 l water daily

In on-season:
I am on a low-sodium diet, as seasoning only herbs are allowed.

Molnár Péter