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Name: Jasztrab Katalin

When did you start training? What was your aim in the beginning?

I grew up in a military family (my father was a colonel) so from my childhood diet, discipline and athletic life mannered. From childhood I have also played tennis professionally but at an ATP Tournament during my game I got injured which broke my tennis carrier. After recovering I kept continue the cardio and light weights training. In the the last 8 years I have been living in England where Professional english IFBB athletes discovered me while training and told me about Bodybuilding. They where amazed about my already defined shape, my abs and the unique simmetry of my body. Well I liked the idea to set my mind on it and to put effort in a new sport which I really fell in love with by now and work on getting successful. I always set my standards high for myself in the gym and the hard work was never a problem for me. Although fitness, well being and beauty are very important to me.

Studies and sport was always important in my life. Although fitness, well being and beauty are very important to me. I always put my standards high in the gym to get successful. At the beginning my aim was to motivate people to feel and look good doing sport and following a healthy lifestyle.

First competition

One and a half years ago (2012 December) I started to do Fitness Modeling and competing as a Fitness Model in IFBB (International Federation of BodyBuilding). My first competion was the IFBB Arnold Classic Europe in Spain 2013 October, I got finalist and placed 6th in Bikini Fitness category tall class up to 172cm.
This year 2014 march I decided to compete in a higher category at the American Arnold Classic Columbus,Ohio and I got awarded 3rd getting the bronz medal as the best European Athlete in Figure tall class 'E'.

My last competition was in 2014 june Sportfest Open Grand Prix World Cup Hungary 1st place.

What motivates you to train hard and achieve your results?

Now I work as a personal trainer so my clients, also My amazing fans who give my strength every day with their 'likes', love, respect and kindness following me and my carrier , as well as Superior 14 Supplements whom they gave me big support since I joined their team it was big step for me and I felt I am getting closer and closer every day from my dreams , now I have no time to rest or look back only going forward to prove for my self and for the Superior 14 team that I deserve this place among the best team athletes in Europe ,not only that but to be number one , I wich I already see it coming very soon

Aims and plans for the near future:

Keep working hard on transforming my physique. I know I will not stop at nothing to reach my full potencial and become a true Professional Athlete, Bodyfitness_FIGURE competitor, 'advertising face' later in 2014 and bring in another 10,000 serious fitness and bikini fans into the industry.


Height: 174 cm
Off-season weight: 70 kg
Competition weight: 66 kg
Length of employment: I have been with Superior 14 now almost 6 month feeling grateful and happy
Genetically strongest muscle group: abs, glutes
Favourite exercise: squads, sit up, pull up
Favourite or important muscle groups: favourite:abs. important:abs, back,shoulders,legs,glutes.
Favourite nourishing supplements: SUPERIOR14 SUPPLEMENTS.
Profession: Defence Administration Manager, Sports Trainer (Tennis), Personal Trainer, and SportModel
Trainer: I am my own coach
Idols: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Weider, Nicole Wilkins, Phil Heath
Training philosophy: FOCUS! and KEEP FOCUSED!


2013 october: IFBB Arnold Classic Europe Fitness Model tall class 6th place Madrid, Spain
2014 march IFBB Arnold Classic USA Figure tall class 3rd place Columbus, Ohio
2014 june Sportfest Open Grand Prix World Cup 1st place Hungary, Budapest


5days a week, Morning:cardio - Afternoon:weight training

Jasztrab Katalin

Diet and training plan:

How could you outline your training method? Intence, Old school style, Heavy weight training, with good supplements plan In off season I use lot of Protein Whey core because it covers lots of my essential needs such as proper amount Whey protein amount which my body needs + the extra added BCAA & L Glutamine formula

In Off season I have a strategy plan to stay sexy and pretty not in a competition shape but between 70%-80% close to this make me able to be meet my sponsor expectation in case of photo shoot or marketing event , that is why I am my company favorite girl ;)
My off season diet plan are very close from my season plan as follow :

I eat a lot of vegetables and chicken :-) in the morning i prefer egg white
I eat 6-7 meals throughout the day and drink a lot of water and L-carnitin 3000
never eat junk food. Pre I am in love with ReBrith from Superior 14 it is very strong and has very desired taste , post workout I like rice cakes together with a post workout shake Pro6 . This is something like

my diet:

50g Oatmeal
Superior Whey Core Protein Shake
10g Nuts
MJS with RASP before work out

MEAL 2 (within 10 minutes after Workout):
PRO6 in shake
3 Rice Wafers

10 egg whites
250g Chicken with sliced over Vegetables and green salad (no dressing), 50g Rice
GlutamaX Warrior

2 pieces of Fruit + Superior whey core cause it has essential amino acids BCAA and L glutamine + whey protein which my body needs

250g Chicken + 10g Nuts

250g Chicken with rice or Fish with Vegetables
Pro6 shake to give my body instant supply of whey protein during the night because of its complex whey component
3-4 l Water a Day I usually mix it with Glutamax cause it add nice flavor to my healthy water