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Name: Isabel Quesada Leyva

When did you start training? What was your aim in the beginning?

I started training in a fitness studio when I was 14. Two years ago I've focused on more intense training and also changed nutrition.
I wanted to participate in the FIBO 2013 voting. I wanted to find out what my limits are. My fans motivate me a lot.
My goal for the future is to build up my own fitness company.

What motivates you to train hard and achieve your results?

I would like to get more popular and to get advertising contracts. I would like to be successful as personal trainer.


Name: Isabel Quesada Leyva
Started training in: ---
First competition: IFBB November 2012
Last competition: DFFV World Championships September 2014
Height: 168 cm
Off-season weight: 59 Kg
Length of employment: I'm sponsored by Superior 14 since June 2014
Favourit exercise: Sidesteps, Genuflection, Cross Lift
Favourite Muscle groups: Abs, Legs
Supp: Glutamaxx Warrior Ananas
Idols: Michelle Lewin
Training philosophy: Defeats make you stronger


2013: Participation Miss FIBO Power
2013: East German Championship IFBB, 4th place
2014: East Germans NAC Championship, 2nd place
2014: DFFV German Championship, 3rd place
2014: DFFV 2014 World Cup, 4th place


I change my training plan every 3 months latest, depending on when I notice I need a new impulse to improve

I'm practising six days a week, every second day twice per day: cardio in the morning and weight training in the evening followed by another 30 minutes of cardio

Monday:Belly / Legs / ButtocksTraining plan

Tuesday: 1st training: 30 minutes of cardio
2nd training: Breast / Shoulder / Triceps

Wednesday: Back / Biceps / Belly

Thursday ---

From Friday: on starting again with day 1 to 3Thursday: break

Saturday: ---

Sunday: ---


breakfast: 30g of brazil nuts & 2 Eggs
Pro 6 Shake 250ml water and 2 tablespoons protein powdersnacks after cardio: 5 BCAA capsules

350mg chicken with spinach

dinner after weight training:
one package of glutamine
150g fish
200g anorexia with one table spoon protein Pro 6

Isabel Quesada Leyva