"My goals keep me motivated!
I am proud to be in Superior 14 Team!"
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Name: Gál Bálint

When did you start training? What was your aim in the beginning?

I started it when I was 16. I used to be a swimmer for 14 years, after it I tried many sports like wakeboard, snowboard, MMA ect. Finally I found my passion in bodybuilding. When I was a kid I always wanted to have a body like Hercules's, after as I got older I found a real person, called Kevin Levrone. He is the perfect for me, and my aim to have the same body as he got.

First competition

My first competition was a mistake, I was 16 and competed myself with the olds. I had no chance, they were much experienced and bigger and dryer than me. My diet was tough as hell but my shape wasn't changed a lot, I did it wrong. I got the last place. After that I left the stage life for a few years until the Mens Physique category came in.

What motivates you to train hard and achieve your results?

I realy like to train. That's not a hobby or just a fun for me. I'm dedicated and addicted to GYM. Levrone's training videos always makes me feel strong and gives me motivation to reach my goal even if it's more than 10 years of hard work or more. In the GYM you always have the task to be better, stronger than yesterday. There's no way out.

Aims and plans for the near future:

I try to reach the same weight in the whole procedure. Aesthetics doesn't have offseason. Next tough competition'll be 2015 spring, I'm planning to compete on the European Championship in Santa Susanna, Spain. My main goal is to reach the PRO card and compete in among my idols.


Height: 180 cm
Off-season weight: 91-95 kg
Competition weight: 78-87 kg
Favourite exercise: Chest / bench press, chest fly
Favourite or important muscle groups: Chest, shoulders, ABS
Favourite nourishing supplements: WMB amino 6300, BCAA Micron, 100% Glutamine, ISO PRO Zero
Favourite dish: Fried Cheese with fried potatoe and majonese
Favourite drink: Mangolassi
Profession: Personal trainer, competitor, student
Trainer: Berkes László
Idols: Flex Wheeler and Kevin Levrone
Training philosophy: As long as you never give up you will never fail.


2013. Oct 10-13: - Madrid - Spain - ARNOLD CLASSIC EUROPE MP -178cm II place (54 competitors!)
2013. Sept 29. - Hungary - Budapest - IFBB Fitbalance - Absolute 1st place
2013. Sept 28 - Austria - Wien - International Österrecih Cup - 1st place (no absolute choosing :( )
2013. Oct 6. - Budapest - Hungary - Arnold Classic qualification 1st place /there was no
2013. May 11. - Hungary - Budapest - International IFBB Cup - absolute 1st place
2013. April 27. - Hungary - Budapest - Eisberg Fitness Cup absolute Ist place
2013. April 21. - Hungary - Budapest - Hungarian Cup absolute Ist place
2013. April 20. - Austria - Leoben - International Austrian Cup absolute Ist Place (46competitors!)


How could you outline your training method?

I like big weights and low reps. Mainly I do 4-5sets each excercise, the 1st with light weight about 20reps, and like a pyramid, the last set is about 6 to 8 reps with the 300% of the starting weight. I train myself 6 times a week, I cares about the regeneration, so I'm trying to train much different muscles than the last day. The point for myself is approve the personal strenght and stamina. I also do cardio trains 3 times a week for the better stamina.

Timetable: I need to be flexible as a personal trainer. My average days like wake up 8-10, than during the day working. I always leave 2-3hours in the afternoon to cook my daily meals. I rather train before the clients but usually I train myself at night, cause I feel myself more loaded.

Monday: Chest + cardio

Tuesday: Back + ABS + calves

Wednesday: Legs + ABS

Thursday Shoulders + ABS + calves

Friday: Arms or Chest again. + cardio

Saturday: Back + ABS

Sunday: Rest day or cardio + calves

Diet and training plan:

1st meal
6-8 egg, to of them with yolks, 2 slice of puffed rice

2nd meal
1 scoop WHEY CORE with 70-100g rice or oat or quinoa

3rd meal
300g chicken breast + 80g rice

4th meal
300g tilapia + 120g broccoli + salad

5th meal
300g chicken + salad

6th meal:
250g tilapia or turkey + 50g rice
7th meal:
A large scoop of protein if I'm still hungry before bedtime
FluDaily Supplements:
2500mg Omega 3
2000mg C vitamin
12-15pcs W.M.B. AMINO
30g L-glutamine (morning time, during train and bedtime)
20g BCAA
2 fat scoops of NO REBIRTH + NO4 AAKG

5-6liters of water

Gál Bálint