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Name: Aurelie Vuillaume

When did you start training? What was your aim in the beginning?

I always did sports. I started ballet and contemporary dance at 4 years old. At the age of 15, I started to get interested in fitness, and I registered in a gym where I followed fitness classes daily. Since 2011, I am really interested in nutrition, bodybuilding and weight lifting. At first it was just a hobby, a way to keep myself in shape and have an athletic physique, but then it became a passion. At the beginning of 2013 I began to want to do competitions to compare myself to other athletes and test my level. So since that year I have a strict diet and intense training program to compete and improve my physique.

How did you get the idea to put yourself to the trial?

I spent 3 months in the United States in 2012 where the world of fitness and competition is more developed. When I came back to France I immediately wanted to devote myself to it fully.

What motivates you to train hard and achieve your results?

Fitness is a real passion for me, so I take great pleasure in each workout and in dieting. But it's true that once you start to see results, you are even more motivated to excel and push the limits. Enjoying your reflection in the mirror and say that your body is in accordance with your goals is a real motivation. The key is to do your best to achieve your own goals, but not to look like the others. Although competitions are a purpose and motivate during training, but no matter the place you obtain, the important thing is to give your best and have no regrets.

Aims and plans for the near future:

For the future I want to continue to compete and live my passion. Currently I have returned to school to become a personal trainer and nutrition consultant.


Height: 171 cm
Off-season weight: 61 kg
Competition weight: 53 kg
Favourite exercise: Squats and lunges
Favourite or important muscle groups: Bottom
Favourite nourishing supplements: Superior Whey Core choco flavor, BCAA Micron and Amino 6300.
Gym: Private Gym
Profession: Personal trainer and nutrition consultant
Trainer: Stéphane Canetti
Idols: Michelle Lewin, Ashley Kaltwasser and Yarishna Nicole


2014: IFBB French Championships: 1st place
2014: IFBB European Championships in Spain: 11th place
Currently preparing for Arnold Classic Europe in september 2014


Monday: Back/Shoulders/Triceps
Barbell Bent Over Row 4×10
Barbell Upright Row 4×10
Dumbell Reverse Fly 4×10
Seated Barbell Press 4×10
Lateral raise 4×12

Tuesday: Legs/Glutes/Calfs
Barbell Squat 4×8
Barbell Forward Lunge 4×10
Barbell Romanian Deadlift 4×10
Prone Leg Curl 4×10
Calf Extension 4×15/20

Wednesday: Off

Thursday Shoulders/Chest/Biceps
Barbell close grip Bench Press 4×10
Dumbbell Lateral raise 4×10
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4×10
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 4×10
Dumbbell Incline Fly 4×10
Standing Barbbell Curl 4×12

Friday: Legs/Glutes
Sumo Squat 4×8
Leg Press 4×8
Dumbbell Forward Lunges 4×10
Barbell Sumo Deadlift 4×10
Glute Machine 4×12
Standing Calf Raises 4×15/20

Saturday: Back/triceps
Lat Pulldown 4x10
Seated Row 4x10
Dumbbell one arm Row 4x10
Barbbell Bent Over Row 4x10
Lying Triceps Extension 4x10
Cable Triceps Pushdown 4x10
Dips 4x12

Sunday: Off
Abs I try to always finish my workouts with 15/20min of abs exercices. I like to change them everytime but generally I do crunches, leg raises, cable crunches...

On-season: 20/30minutes after each workout. 1 hour 1 or 2 times a week.
Off-season: 20 minutes 2 times a week.

Diet and training plan:

Morning supplements:
30gr Superior Whey Core, 5gr BCAA, 1 RASP, 1 MJS Vitamine, 1gr fish oil
Before workout:
30gr Superior Whey Core, 5gr BCAA, 3 W.M.B Amino 6300
During workout:
5gr BCAA in my bottle of water
After workout:
30gr Superior Whey Core, 5gr BCAA, 5gr Glutamine, 5gr Creatine
80gr oat with soy milk and 1/2 scoop of Superior Whey Core, 6 eggs (only 1 yolk), 1 slice of chicken or ham, 10 almonds, 1 fruit

2 slices of chicken or ham (low sodium), 10 almonds

200gr of chicken breast or horse meat or fish, 80gr of basmati rice or Brown rice or quinoa, vegetables, olive oil

140gr of tuna (1can), 80gr oat, 10 almonds
Workout around 6pm

200gr chicken breast or horse meat or fish, 50gr of starchy carbs, vegetables, olive oïl

30gr Superior Whey Core, 10 almonds, 5gr BCAA, 5gr Glutamine

This is my diet plan off-season. I eat a lot of starchy carbs in order to gain muscle and because I have a quick metabolism which burn calories more than other. Also, I allow 1 cheat meal a week.
On-season I reduce slowly my carbs intake but I never cut them completely. Cheat meals are forbidden.
Moreover, I drink a lot of water daily (around 3 or 4L) and green tea. But the day before and the day of the competition I just sip water when thirsty. Also, I cut fat intakes only some days before competition. Essential fatty acids (founded in almonds or nuts, in vegetable oils and in fish oil...) are an important source of energy for the body and help to loose fat, so I recommend to never cut it even when you want to loose weight.
About salt, I always put a pinch of salt on my meal. But the week before the competition I reduce salt slowly and cut it completely 2 days before the contest. The day before the competition I start to carb load, eating a lot of starchy carbs and less protein. The day of the contest, I eat oatmeal in the morning, and rice cakes along the day. 1 hour before going on stage, I eat dried fruits, honey, jam and crisps.

Aurelie Vuillaume