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Dear Superior 14!
I would like to lose 5 kg in 2 weeks what should I take too make it?
Please help,

Dear David,
What is your weight now? First you should adjust your diet and your workout routine. Once you have done this, you may take RASP for burning fat and losing weight . Also Superior Whey Core is an excellent source of protein which you can take. However the most important things are working out and changing your diet, because one can lose weight only through a calorie shortage.

I started bodybuilding 2 years ago. I look pretty shredded. But, it seems like I am stuck. I am frequently suffering from shoulder injuries. If you have any advices how can I move forward from this place please tell me.

Dear Joe,
First of all, take care of the injury. Then make sure you stay healthy, take M.J .S Vitamin to support joints and ligaments. Keep your shape up with cardio, and get back to us when you are fine again. Deal?

Hi all,
My name is Cj I just found out about your brand. I am in a pickle, cannot make up my mind which of your proteins should I choose. Please help me.

Dear Cj,
It depends what is your goal.
PRO 6 helps you with a constant protein supply for the whole day and have additional important values. (For example: Bromelain can help you overcome and prevent injuries.) On the other hand, Superior Whey Core is a fast absorbing protein source with additional amino acids, and glutamine. It is the best to refill your body after workout. I hope this short answer helps you, even if it is not complete. Decide what is your goal and choose the right Superior 14 protein!

As a women I am concerned about RASP. Will I loose fat from my breast as well. Sorry about the weird question.

Dear Ms.
Unfortunately we cannot direct where we burn fat from. Therefore, the answer is yes.

I am concerned I just read it today that creatine can be harmful to your health in a long run. Is this true?

Hello Tom,
As everything in a mass amount creatine can be harmful too to your body if you over dose it. It is important to keep the correct serving amounts. (You can damage your kidneys, just as much as with any other substance if you overdose them)
If it would be harmful, we could not sell it…
According to studies a half year creatine cure had no negative effect on the body, only positives such as:
-Increased mental activity
-Decreased the chances to get cramps, and injuries
-Helped to optimize the blood lipid levels
-Helped to increase the health of the bones.
We did not even mention the performance enhancing, but I think everyone is aware of it who reads this.

Superior 14!
I am getting sick of protein shakes. Can you tell other sources of protein besides the obvious ones?

Besides the obvious ones what is obvious to you? Well pro tip of the day take some amino acids with your protein. Diet is the most important thing supplementation should always go after diet, and workouts. Here are some not so well known protein sources to spice up your diet:
brussels sprouts
sunflower seeds

These are the 10 most 'non-obvious' one I can think of.